The study of climate cycles and its influence on Earth’s surface processes have captivated my interest over most of my career.  Current and future climate change, as well as human activity, will certainly affect continental erosion and fluxes of particles across landscapes. For that matter I use the  sedimentary record to study sediment provenance in order to reconstruct processes of erosion and sediment routing and dispersal from mountain source to depositional sink.

My current research can be divided in two main areas:

  • Sediment transfer in modern fluvial systems in central Chile. This is what I call ‘Sedimentology of the Anthropocene’.
  • Use of the geological record to reconstruct paleogeography, sedimentary processes and paleoclimate. Mostly working in Patagonia to reconstruct dynamics of the Patagonian Ice Sheet during the Pleistocene-Holocene.

I am also very interested in communicating geoscience to the general public, for which I co-founded Nucleo Terrestre with my friends and colleagues Valentina Flores and Lisstte Wackerling.

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